Reshaping urban environments

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Building an urban life fit for the future

Our prefabricated and next-generation solutions work to repair and safeguard infrastructure, extending their lifespans as well as strengthening them to better resist environmental stresses.

We deliver protective systems and repair materials that are long-lived, high-performance and environmentally-friendly.

Our solutions excel in ordinary applications like housing, yet are vesatile enough to function in harsh environments like marine jetties, runways and chemical plants.

Our solutions

Our expertise

Our unique expertise in diverse fields enables you to access integrated solutions that deliver sustainable repair, retrofitting and constuction technologies.



Nanotech allows us to boost the durability, strength, life span and resistance of building materials- even reused ones from either industrial or urban waste– at the molecular level.



We use less geomaterials- by tapping on our signature library of advanced materials like graphene, and our unique ability to reuse even bottom ash of traditional concrete-making.



Deep expertise in engineering enables us to provide building solutions that are optimised for different structural projects and requirements.

We deliver responsible solutions

Our integrated solutions cover the entire value chain of building materials, redefining global construction standards into a green playbook for responsible design.

Build Greener

We think holistically about sustainable design through the use of better materials. We collaborate with industry to improve embodied carbon and urban health.

Build Better

For transformation to occur, we believe that performance and quality must not compromise sustainability. All our solutions meet the highest standards.

Source Responsibly

We limit climate change by sourcing regional materials that meet global environmental goals. Reducing carbon emissions remains the main driver of doing business.

Design for Circularity

We are part of a wider global effort to boost resiliency for the future. Designed to last decades, our solutions are free from chemicals and fully recyclable.

The URBA-X team brings this unique approach of mastering and orchestrating the chemical and physical processes within the matter, from design to reuse.

Prof. Antonio H. Castro Neto
Co-founder and Chairman

Case studies

Our tailored solutions are developed by combining our extensive technical know-how with expertise and experience to meet the needs of today’s construction industry, as well as the future’s. Discover how we excel even in the most challenging situations.

Crack repair

Cracks are a normal part of structural aging, and can occur in buildings as well as infrastructure like roads. Our solutions not only repair cracks, but also help to reinforce the entire structure.

Grout protective layer

Our solution can be applied as grout, not only giving surfaces a finished look, but also delivering unprecedented strength, stability and protection to joints and tiles.


We are part of a wider global effort to boost resiliency for the future. Designed to last decades, our solutions are free from chemicals and fully recyclable.

High-performance cladding

Our solutions offer cladding and façade products that are critical to achieving a high level of performance in wall assembly, deflecting harsh elements to safeguard structures.

Meet our team

Jerome Lombardi, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Prof. Antonio Castro Neto

Co-founder and Chairman

Pierrick Bouffaron

Co-founder and COO

Emiliano Vitorio, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Sergio Echeverrigaray, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Josselin Vazquez, PhD

Chief Product Officer